Squirt Gun

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Once again, Kobara CW show their fangs in a collaboration on a weapons’ design project, this time spitting straight in the competition’s collective faces. While the action of the electrically powered squirt gun provided by Kobara CW’s partner EnterPact is a straight-up and solidly conventional design, flawlessly executed in high quality ceramics, its Kobara’s contribution which makes the Poisoner squirt gun really eat its way into the market. The patented carrier fluid can be mixed with any number of chemicals to be delivered via the squirt action adding a potent selective acidic effect to particles within the fluid that allow the mix to melt its way through armour materials but leaves living tissues undamaged – and ready to absorb the substance mixed into the carrier/breacher fluid.

The internal reservoir of the squirt gun contains enough carrier/breacher fluid for 100 shots, while the power pack is sufficient for 10,000 hours of operation.

The Kobara CW/EnterPact Poisoner squirt gun weights 0.8 kg and costs 990c. Carrier/breacher fluid costs 19c per 100 shots worth.

Game Use:
Squirt Gun Clip 100 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil 0 Range 4m

Squirt PEN 4 DAM 0 AD 3

If the squirt inflicts actual damage or the PEN of the squirt is greater than the PV of the target’s armour, it delivers one dose of whatever substance it was loaded with.

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