BG-113 Mango and the Skinner – flyers and pilots for CthulhuTech


BG-113 Mango
The BG-113 is a heavy air superiority fighter deployed in limited numbers by the Migou. Following the general design and shape of the more common BG-01 tactical interceptor but considerably bulkier, it lacks the BG-01’s fins, instead mounting its weapons in the bulbous main body, the nose of which houses the firing ports for the fighter’s twin plasma cannons while the area where the cockpit canopy would be expected on a conventional NEG design is studded with pore-like opening that can spew forth a deadly swarm of scatter missiles.

Type: Fighter
Size: Large (36 ft.)
Passengers: 1
Cargo: 1.2 cubic feet/28 lbs.

Control Response (Agility) 0
Sensors (Perception) 0
Frame (Strength) 5
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) 0
Warning Systems (Reflex) 0

Sensory Systems
Long Range
Targeting +1

Support Systems
Cold Resistance
Life Support
Sealed System

Air Speed: 1200 mph (2960/720 ypt)
Acceleration Code: D (3/2)

Integrity 15
Armor 1/1

Weapon Systems
2 Plasma Cannons (Large)
Scatter Missile Pod (Large)

…and pilots

The Skinner
The Skinner is the name used by NEG soldiers for a mythical Migou BG-113 pilot. Legend has it, that this Migou will hunt down any NEG pilot it manages to shoot down, to turn their bodies into Huldras and wear the skin of its latest defeated foe as a macabre trophy-cum-pilot suit.

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