SL-21R Sholagar and Sho-i Ricardo Ran – flyers and pilots for Battletech


SL-21R Sholagar
This variant replaces the SRM-4 in the Sholagar’s nose with an LRM-5, giving the fighter a long range harassing attack at the cost of a significant chunk of its famed firepower.

…and pilots

Sho-i Ricardo Ran
Originally trained as a technician, Ricardo inherited the family’s Sholagar and the right to pilot it, when his older sister died in a non-combat accident. At that time, he had already modified the stock Sholagar into the SL-21R on his sister’s request, who had found the lack of long range weapons frustrating after having to let pirates and smugglers escape more after failing to close with them. He continues to serve in his sister’s former unit, the 4th Pesht Regulars, putting the modifications she asked for to good use.

Gunnery Skill: 4
Piloting Skill: 4

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