The Feather Wings and the Watchmaker – flyers and pilots for Beutelschneider


The Feather Wings
These wings are made from natural and finely wrought metal feathers. They are driven by a complex clockwork mechanism. A wearer can escape danger simply by winging into the air on them, provided they are skillful – and light – enough.

Featherweight: Anyone who manages to correctly wind up the feather wings, which requires a successful very hard skill challenge, may treat white marbles as having whatever colour would be required to avoid a particular source of damage (e.g., red marbles in a combat encounter, but only for lessening damage received, not to cause damage in opponents).

…and pilots

The Watchmaker
The bag of this cog artist contains 20 marbles: 12 green ones and 8 white ones.

Master of Cogs: The watchmaker may draw two additional marbles when using skill to wind up a clockwork such as the feather wings he created.

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