Sniper Drone

SLA Equipment
Tek Trex’ Sniper Drone is based on their successful Scarab design, although the addition of a full scale 10mm rifle unbalanced the drone, slowing it down and rendering it unable to climb. Also, it neccesitated the removal of some armour to save weight for the large weapon mount and complex recoil compensation.

The drone still retains the Scarab’s SMG for close defense, its extended life 10,000 hours power pack and improved sensor package, even further upgrading it by the addition of a 2500m telescopic sight.

The 25 kg drones sell for 40,000u.

Game Use:

Walk .5m Run 1m Sprint 2m

PV 5 ID 25

Pistol 3
Rifle 3
Sneak 4
Hide 4

Rifle Clip 50 Calibre 10mm ROF 2/1 Recoil 8/5 Range 48m

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