Air Attack Spider

SLA Equipment
The Air Attack Spider, also called the Flak Web, is a light weight man portable air defense system for use in urban and other high value environments. Its non-explosive non-fragmentation payload poses a near zero risk of collateral damage. The payload is cold launched from the disposable coil launch tube and uses an automatically deployed combined baloon chute system to prolong its airborne trajectory and slow its descend. In the air it deploys eight sensor/attack limbs increasing the effective engagement bubble around it. If an airborne target passes within sufficiently close proximity, any or all of the limbs can launch lengths of high tensile nanowire, clogging and damaging turbines and control surfaces, forcing the target to abort or risk crashing.

The Air Attack Spider’s launch tube comes with basic sights and can be fitted with additional sights or targetting equipment. The whole system weights 3 kg. It is on sale to operatives and other licensed security and military personnel and organisations at 300c per system.

Game Use:
Air Attack Spider Clip 1 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil 0 Range 50m

An airborne target hit by an Air Attack Spider must immediately make an appropriate Pilot roll to avoid crashing. The Pilot roll suffers a negative modifier of 5 plus 1 for each point over 20 the hit roll succeeded by.

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