Ad-Blog plus, a preliminary weekly summary – week 1 of the RPG-a-Day-Alternative-a-Day 2018

Status at the end of the first week of Ad-Blog plus, this year’s alternate August activity (explanations here and here, as well as here in German but including logos):

4 blogs over 7 days published 16 articles containing a total of 21 classified ads.

All links for week 1, in order of publication:

  1. Dnalor (in German)
  2. Clawdeen (in German)
  3. d6ideas
  4. Dnalor (in German)
  5. d6ideas
  6. Dnalor (in German)
  7. d6ideas
  8. Dnalor (in German)
  9. d6ideas
  10. Dnalor (in German)
  11. d6ideas
  12. Clawdeen (in German)
  13. Talasu (in German)
  14. d6ideas
  15. Clawdeen (in German)
  16. d6ideas

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