Ebb Scope

An ebb scope can be added to a flintlock to improve the range of precision attacks. An array of sensitive crystal lenses in a glyph-covered casing turns flintlock-assisted force ebb […]

Flintlock Rifle

As the name suggests the flintlock rifle is a rifle-sized version of the popular flintlock ebb equipment. It trades some of the additional power of its pistol relative for a […]

Ebb Tracker

This small science friction device is a valuable asset to ebb-users in logisticy and security applications. The ebb tracker is a kidney shaped lump of musculo-tendineous science friction material. It […]


Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but it is also in the syringes labelled ‘Nice’ which are hitting stores all over the World of Progress. Vevaphons’ malleable […]


Vevaphons are restricted in their shapechanging ability by the basic cohesion of their cells. Flusion is aimed at loosening the bonds between a Vevaphon’s cells, thus allowing for greater freedom […]


Due to the unique structure of their advanced biogenetic cells drugs for Vevaphons put different demands on design teams than substances for more general use. G-4ce is one such specifically […]


The Bulwark class ion-drive battleship was the pride of the conflict era new Prussian space navy. Faster, better armed and more heavily armoured than most other ion warship of her […]


Recently KlipKiller has entered another joint venture – this time with Apocalyptic Systems – to produce this shoulder mounted grenade launcher system for war world use. The ApocaKlip is a […]

Wet Solutions Pearl

Rain protection meets cosmetics in Pearl, protective rain cosmetics by Wet Solutions. Pearl isolates the skin from rain and its detrimental effects. At the same time the rain drops – […]

Wet Solutions Investigel

Investigel is a new substance for the detection of evidence in forensics. The micro-gel for spray application makes visible various types of organic evidence such as blood and different bodily […]