Top 10 BPN Halls of Mort – locations for SLA Industries

sla logo 10Slayer’s Crib might be the archetypal BPN hall, but what about…

#10 Suicide Alley
Suicide Alley has earned a reputation as the BPN hall with the highest percentage of Black BPNs issued and the highest percentage of BPNs resulting in at least one fatality amongst Operatives. Much of this is down to a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. A 3rd Eye reporter strapped for a good story chose an isolated spike in BPN statistics as a hook for a news piece about “the BPN hall of doom”. Following this, desperate and foolhardy Operatives quickly flocked to the place applying for dangerous BPNs or outright Black suicide missions, setting in motion a vicious cycle that has been self-propagating ever since.

#9 The Blue Line
Rather than a single BPN hall, this is a chain of franchises spread all over Uptown and Suburbia. True to the name, the Blue Line halls are licensed to distribute standard Blue BPNs only. Service is marginal at best, with a strict policy of “no refusal” and no rights of choice for Operatives applying for BPNs, but the waiting times are ground-breakingly low, meaning that the business is booming none the less.

#8 M’hj’ng
Its human proprietors run this BPN hall as a service to make the Operative members of the Shaktar community feel more at home on Mort – though some claim the purpose of the Shaktarian kitsch-filled place is rather to keep the red aliens away from more traditional (and more lucrative) BPN halls.

Despite these rumours, M’hj’ng has become an accepted go-to for organisations looking for Operatives sporting the kind of commitment and martial skill the warrior species’ is so well known for.

#7 The Waystation
Famous for being Mort’s deepest BPN hall, the Waystation is situated in the bowels of lower Downtown. Originally, the hall was part of a larger SLA Industries administrative and security complex, strategically located to control a main infrastructure hub. After much of the production was shifted away from the surrounding industrial areas, the importance of infrastructure upkeep was downgraded as well and the administrative functions relocated to other centres. The BPN hall was first kept in place as a convenient way to coordinate protection and security measure during the relocation, and then stayed open due to a combination of bureaucratic inertia, maintaining a basic corporate presence and least of all for the tangible benefits of having a base for Operatives close to their target locations.

The Waystation distributes mainly Red, Blue, Yellow and Green BPNs for the lower levels of Downtown. Most of these are issued by various departments, with only a few being directly sponsored by individual subsidiaries (most of which have long since abandoned the area). Coverage tends to be provided by 3rd Eye, though actual media interest in many of these missions is minimal.

#6 Slayer’s Kindergarten
This derogatory nickname applies to a small BPN hall located in one of the side buildings of the terminal for outbound Gauss trains from Meny to Mort. The hall caters directly to those freshly graduated Operatives who are overeager to do their part for the company and to go on their first mission right away. Though this mindset is by no means universal in new Operatives, and many look down on those of their classmates who accept “baby’s first BPN”, the Kindergarten still burns through an extremely high volume of BPNs.

As can be expected, all of the missions issued here have an SCL Requirement of 10 and most of them are colour coded Blue, with a smattering of Yellow, White and Silver – and far less frequently Jade or Green – thrown in. To their credit, the BPN clerks at the Kindergarten, often under the watchful eye of the Meny training staff or even with their direct assistance, take great care to match the packages and abilities of the junior operatives to the requirements of the available entry-level BPNs.

#5 Med Red
BPNs involving medical emergencies mandate not only a very specific skill set but also require extremely fast reaction times. Red Med has devoted itself to provide just these. It is centrally located in a hotspot on the Suburbia Uptwon border, within a major corporate hospital including a LAD facility.

The Red (and Blue) BPNs issued here deal with everything from casualty evacuation and disaster relief, over biohazard containment and priority forensic assessments to body-bagging and providing routine care.

#4 Das Kanapee
Das Kanapee is a high class BPN salon. The most important and demanding of BPNs are distributed by accommodating, liveried staff to be discussed in a lush atmosphere.

Admission to this place of luxuries is restricted to elite Operatives, topping SCL 5 and vouched for by one of the financiers who originally set the salon up for their private use.

#3 SSB
Most departments sport their own BPN distribution network including dedicated BPN halls. The Department of Stocks, Shares and Bonds is no exception.

Always on the hunt for financial treason, un-corporate behaviour and other types of progress subversion, the SSB offers a volume of Grey BPNs that is stunning to the uninitiated. The number of Termination Warrants to go with these is no less surprising.

Crafty Business Operatives can benefit greatly from the insider information available through such BPNs, or even from seizing forfeit properties and patents for themselves as part of their missions.

#2 Lunch Money’s
One part BPN hole and one part watering hall, Lunch Money’s started its life cycle as a bistro frequented by media college students from Application. Some of whom grew up to become the next generation of 3rd Eye executives, clinging to their old haunt in a mix of nostalgia, irony and scouting out new talent. Their presence in turn attracted more and more Media Operatives in time, who came to discuss missions and contracts. This triggered the next evolution of Lunch Money’s – long sold by its original owner to a conglomerate of its own rich patrons -, the installation of the computer hardware to directly hook up the Ops with their BPNs instead of just going over the preliminaries.

Lunch Money’s is specialised in Silver BPNs from 3rd Eye and associated subsidiaries. Though not officially limited to Media Operatives, chances for others to get served – or even so much as noticed – here are pretty slim.

#1 Slayer’s Crib
Still number one…

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