Nydele: Countries of Nydele

Finishline. Or close to it. After going over the basics of the setting, and after a detailed look at creatures and religions, it’s high time to give some more background […]

Wordle Dark Hallow

… this question was raised by Shadom when he was talking about the importance of being consistent in translations. Apart from Shadom, yennico, Pythia and Dr. Gonzo all try their […]

The Ghosts of Aragon

The intermingling of science fiction, fantasy elements and socialist reality was the main reason I fell in love with the setting of The Red Star. Especially when turning one’s eyes […]

Train Depot

Title illustration taken from the cover of The Red Star Special Edition 2006, © Christian Gossett. Used with kind permission of the artist The Sword of Lies, the latest installment […]