Atlas Cover

The story of this atlas page is a bit on the sad side compared to what has come before. This is because it is an unfinished story. At the end […]

Nydele: Countries of Nydele

Finishline. Or close to it. After going over the basics of the setting, and after a detailed look at creatures and religions, it’s high time to give some more background […]

D6 Atlas Page 7

The German version of this was running a bit late (sorry about that!), but at least the translation is on time. This time, the map is something of an experiment. […]

Crowd Funding seems to be the next big thing. It has already built quite a momentum and somewhere on the line I became a fan of the concept. What is […]

quick map 6

After it was mentioned to me that full continents are not as practical as.. well more smaller scale maps, I tried to switch. I have to admit this is something […]

Music in roleplaying games is one of those topics which surface time and time again in discussions among gamers (and not just on the net). Sometimes I get the impression […]