Editorial 01 April 2012 – Battleships

d6ideas dice3To streamline our process and to test the new digitial media possibilities our English posts and editorials will be mechanically translated from now on.
To be sure that no Information will be lost this way for the first three weeks we will monitor your comments closely and may give certain key features written by ourselves.
This weeks article will be a new Atlas page in German and English and another German What is?- article later in the week.

And now the Editorial:
I thought long about this, what I could do.

Finally, today, 01 April and in other places you can find many good jokes, good. FATAL ideas were rather vague in the German version of German publishing. Buy a new edition of the “black eye” in America, White Wolf, or the message, Velcro rights for the German barque My Little Pony RPG would. I think I might cheat you would like at least half a second.

Suitable for design already, but just an hour ago (when it Veröffnentlichung 2) I have something else to read in a semi-private e-mails, and I do not think that just because the first of April, should miss out on the real news .

Some of you have probably heard of Battleship (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battleship_%28film%29). This is a movie popcorn effect in the usual way, which is in theaters this year. Special to him that he “Battleship” (no joke!) Is based on the game. At least this is a marketing ploy for him. While at least the Transformers cartoons and comics somehow, is the background story of the sinking ship geretcont not quite that simple, I would think about it.

Even more surprising, that in addition to the almost obligatory action game (in fact, even the action-RPG where you are, exactly) something else. Now, before someone yells that he was on digital games never heard of him. This is a rumor, but at E3 2012 EA Hasbro took the stand, and that seems to confirm rumors that possible.

The point really is, but something else entirely: it is at least a serious possibility that work depending on the settings of the film, it seems, board role-playing games! In the presence of an appropriate budget, of course. If the action blockbuster with “adequate budget” for the marketing of the product, be the role-play is, at least in terms of cost is likely to grow just under the top games. Of course, of course, but the probability that a point of misunderstanding.

What I can not imagine, at least, but most of the “Cube” mechanism. Again, I have again just a short quote, but all signs point also point out that instead of falling dice rounds during the game, the game ships (presumably compatible with all versions) plays. Means that you really lose an RPG? As you understand it?

The next week I should perhaps more information, just keep in mind: naval battle RPG. He has … a special sound.

Perhaps to distract it, but in normal humans.

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