Tek Trex Miniglove

SLA Equipment
The Tek Trex Miniglove is an armoured gauntlet and vambrace, available for both left- and right-handed users, with an integrated pair of 5mm rotating barrel submachineguns, similar to the weapons usually mounted on Tek Trex security drones. Both weapons fire simultaneously and are fed from a common 100-round ammo bin located on the inner side of the vambrace.

The total weight of the assembly is 2.5 kg. The black market price of the Miniglove is 3,000u.

A Miniglove cannot mount any firearms accessories.

Game Use:
Miniglove PV 5 Head – Torso – Arms (only one) 11 Legs –

Miniglove Clip 100 Calibre 5mm ROF 10 Recoil 9 Range 12m

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