RPG+Ally+a+Day: RGM-79GB GM Ballistic Type + Perinth, evolve + allies for Unknown Mobile Suit

Since 2014, RPGaDay poses daily questions about RPGs in August.
Since 2015, we resist by delivering daily thematic material for RPGs in August.
This year, the theme of the alternate August activity was to be “allies”. Ally-a-Day.
But what is that? The enemy appears to lower their arms. Instead of posing questions, RPGaDay2019 presents single word prompts, suddenly opening a path leading past the About towards the For.
While we do not wish to ignore the hand so offered, neither do we wish to cast out our allies because the enemy for once appears conciliatory.
Neither just RPG-a-Day nor just Ally-a-Day.
Not or, but and.
Not minus. Plus.


Day 29: Evolve + Allies

RGM-79GB GM Ballistic Type
The RGM-79GB GM Ballistic Type is an early variant of the ground-use GM mobile suits of the Earth Federation, the development of which was driven by the twin factors of limited production capacity and supply of MS beam weapons on the one hand, and the wish for further cost efficiencies on the other. For these reasons, this “evolution” of the GM dropped all the necessary equipment for beam weapon use, limiting the Ballistic Type to the use of ballistic weapons.


Type 61 MSP
The Type 61 MSP (Mobile Supply Point) is an at first improvised, later on standardised support vehicle based on the chassis of the Type 61 tank. The unarmed vehicle evolved as a companion for the ballistically armed RGM-79GB, carrying additional ready ammunition and being able to “hand” it to the MS via the articulated mechanical arm replacing the turret.


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