RPG+Ally+a+Day: Abalee + Perinth, love + allies for D&D

Since 2014, RPGaDay poses daily questions about RPGs in August.
Since 2015, we resist by delivering daily thematic material for RPGs in August.
This year, the theme of the alternate August activity was to be “allies”. Ally-a-Day.
But what is that? The enemy appears to lower their arms. Instead of posing questions, RPGaDay2019 presents single word prompts, suddenly opening a path leading past the About towards the For.
While we do not wish to ignore the hand so offered, neither do we wish to cast out our allies because the enemy for once appears conciliatory.
Neither just RPG-a-Day nor just Ally-a-Day.
Not or, but and.
Not minus. Plus.


Day 28: Love + Allies

Abalee is an intelligent bee hive (as swarm of wasps but with Intelligence 10, Wisdom 15, and Charisma 9). She deeply loves Perinth, for whom she would do anything.


Perinth (male human fighter level 2) loves Abalee, too, but even more than her, he loves her honey and the met he makes from it.


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