Wordle Elemental Bull

Question posed by yennico. Answers provided by blut_und_glas, Hasran, and yennico himself. Answers categorized by genre (specific system in one case), with half of the entries going to fantasy ideas.

Wordle Cerulean Cossack

… suddenly obsessing about colours (wait and see!), yennico was the one to ask „What is … a Cerulean Cossack?“. blut_und_glas threw his lot in with him, and together they […]

The Water Boy by phil200

… the question „What is … the thing in that picture?“ was raised by Shadom after stumbling across Waterboy in the deviantart gallery of ~phil2001 (many thanks once more to […]

d6ideas Poseidon Retriever

Right from the start of the Athena project, humanity not only integrated itself into the ecosystem of Poseidon but brought with it diverse organisms of Earth origin for transplantation to […]

Wordle Mind expanding disease

… this question by blut_und_glas was attempted to answer by Shadom, Blut_und_Glas, Hasran und ApokalypseTest. This time we offer ideas, concepts and plot-hooks for The Dresden Files, Blue Planet, Warhammer […]

Ale Wraith

When Ruprecht died in dat puddle of ‘is own barf, the Raven priest told us, we ‘ad to bury ‘im in a keg of “Goldmanns Best” or ‘e wudd cum […]