Poseidon Retriever

d6ideas Poseidon RetrieverRight from the start of the Athena project, humanity not only integrated itself into the ecosystem of Poseidon but brought with it diverse organisms of Earth origin for transplantation to the water world, ranging from their fellow cetacean colonists over crops to bioplastic bacteria. What began with Athena was continued during Recontact and the Long John rush. A surprising latecomer in all this was the animal that had accompanied man everywhere before – the dog.

Specifically bred for the rigors of the Poseidon frontier, the Poseidon Retriever is a breed of working dog derived from the early Curly Coated Retriever. The well balanced dog with its love of water, keen senses, and excellent endurance proved a good base for a Poseidon breed.

The traits of the predecessor breed were kept and careful genetic redesign was used to introduce biomodifications for better adaptation to the Poseidon environment, including salt tolerance and improved blood oxygenation.

Poseidon Retrievers are exceptionally bright dogs with a calm temperament which allows them to be worked with great effect in the alien environment of Poseidon. They bond well with their handlers but can be a bit standoffish with other people and generally do not enjoy working in teams with other dogs.


Range: N/A
Habitat: N/A
Height: 0.7 meters at the shoulder
Weight: 30 to 60 kilograms
Frequency/Availability: Rare
Resource Value: High, Poseidon Retrievers are highly prized as excellent working dogs among newcomer explorers, hunters, and wardens – Poseidon Retriever pups are sold for 2,500cs, while a trained adult dog fetches around 8,000cs
Threat Level: Low, most dogs will not attack unless ordered to
Attacks: Bite 3
Damage Rating: 3
Movement: 6/12 on land, 2 aquatic
Build: 0
Fitness:  4
Agility: 2
Awareness: 2
Will: 1
Endurance: 3
Reflexes: 2
Strength:  1
Toughness:  1
Armor:  None

(Attributes are already adjusted to reflect the Improved Blood Oxygenation biomod.)

Implant Leash
This canine cyberware biomod receives vocal commands from a handler via radio and transmits them directly into the dog's brain. More than a simple implanted communicator, the leash includes a spatial simulation to allow the dog to correctly interpret commands in the absence of visual cues from the handler or a direction from which an actual voice would be heard.
Despite the obvious advantages, the leash sees very limited use on Poseidon, mainly due to the animals often reacting poorly to the implant (suffering -1 Will) and the resulting long recovery period.
Healing Time: 4 weeks
Cost: 10,000cs

Canine Sensor Harness
This is a lightweight dog harness mounting a small sensor suite powered by a standard cell. Easily improvised, there are also some commercial models available. Use of a harness, whether bought or self made, lets a dog double as an effective observation remote of exceptional endurance – especially if combined with an implant leash.
Availability: Scarce (commercial models)
Cost: 230cs

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