What is … Waterboy?

The Water Boy by phil2001… the question „What is … the thing in that picture?“ was raised by Shadom after stumbling across Waterboy in the deviantart gallery of ~phil2001 (many thanks once more to Phil, for letting us use his picture). blut_und_glas, the doctor, Krath, Pythia and yennico took time out of their Christmas preparation to take a good look and come up with an answer.

Waterboy shows:


A technology / ability which forces water to “remember” a previous state or contact (with a substance or shape). The water then assumes the shape or state or imitates the structure of the substance – lending to the water the properties and effects of the imitated substance (similar to homeopathic concepts but more potent). It can be used to collect information on the past (e.g. by exploring prehistoric animals based on water samples from ancient caves), to “archive” material, or to create cheap – if a little short-lived – drugs of various kinds. The “memory” in the water is subject to dilution, so mixing with water from other sources makes it impossible to extract the information.



A misshappen glass sculpture sitting prominently on the desk of the pc’s superior. Its appearance is so irritating that the characters suffer a -1 modifier on all their social rolls when interacting with their boss (in his office).



This small water elemental is often used for espionage because it is able to flow under doors or through locks. They are also very good at hiding thanks to this ability to change shape. Beware of glasses full of water. Earth elementals, on the other hand, make for worse spies most of the time, as many floors or walls have been magically sealed against intrusion.


Dr. Gonzo

The form a Selkie (or water genie or whatever) takes to lure small children into her reach with its cute (and at the same time slightly disturbing) appearance, before pulling them down into the depths with her to sate her hunger or carnal desires.



Living water: It is said, that the ability to imitate is a sign of intelligence. In a distant star system, there is a planet where water expresses this ability. For the first astronauts tos et foot on this world it was a shock to see their own likelihoods to spring up from the water when they came in touch with it. Even without bodily contact, the water was able to create avatars only remotely similar to the astronauts and use them to communicate via sign language.



A droplemental – these small and extremely short-lived water elementals spontaneously come into being and vanish when a drop hits the surface of magically charged water.

Das Bild Waterboy wurde direkt aus der deviantart Gallerie von ~phil2001 entnommen.
Auf seiner eigenen Seite könnt ihr noch viele weitere großartige Bilder anschauen.
Genutzt mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Künstlers.

The picture Waterboy was taken from the deviantart page of ~phil2001.
Check out his other great artwork.
Used with kind permission of the artist.

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