Samsonov Vampire Combat Helicopter – New Vehicles for The Red Star


First seen in the 2006 Annual and Sword of Lies, the Samsonov Vampire is one of those things that never had a chance of being covered by the Campaign Setting, which came out two years before.
Crewed by five and combining speed, armor and firepower with an adequate cargo and passenger capacity, the Vampire is an almost ideal vehicle for a group of player characters, either as a mission specific support choice, or as the center piece of a variant campaign in which the players take on the roles of the helicopter’s crew (akin to the krawl crew campaign outline detailed in the appendix of the Campaign Setting).
The Samsonov Vampire is a third generation combat helicopter, replacing the older Gerasimov Wolf in service with the Red Fleet. Significantly larger and heavier than its predecessor, the Vampire is not only superior to the Wolf in terms of payload, armor and speed, but also adds troop carrying capacity, significantly broadening the new machine’s mission profile, though in the most common configuration it’s diverse weapons are mostly geared towards ground attack.

Several variants of the basic Vampire have been developed over time.
Marine Patrol Variant
In spite of the declining importance of naval transport and naval military assets, the coasts of a nation still present a vulnerable flank to enemy attack or intrusion. The Marine Patrol Vampire was developed to meet the need for an efficient platform for guarding against such intrusions. Equipped to handle anything from small smuggling boats to light surface warships and enemy submarines, the this variant of the Samsonov Vampire is highly capable in its intended role.
Krawl Hunter Variant
The relatively recent Krawl Hunter variant is meant to provide close support to ground units against opposing armor. To this end, it carries a more tailored weapons’ mix centered on the heavy Gromov common, taking up the redesigned chin and nose section of the helicopter.
Reconnaisance Variant
Mounting only basic self-defense weapons, this variant instead carries multiple armored camera pods for photographic reconnaisance and external fuel tanks which significantly increase the helicopter’s range.
Night Stalker Variant
The Night Stalker, like the Krawl Hunter a rather recent modification of the Vampire airframe, can be thought of as a counterpart to the successful Marine Patrol variant for use by the Red Fleet’s border guard detachments. An advanced sensor suite lends the Night Stalker its nickname and makes it next to impossible to sneak past patrolling Vampires.
Deployment Gate Denial Variant
Sorcerous teleportation gates are central to the mobility and logistics of any modern military. Denying the use of gating technology to the opposing force is thus a key concern. The MK. 7 Protocol Interference suite carried by the heavily modified Gate Denial variant of the Samsonov Vampire effectively suppresses teleportation gates in a local area two kilometers across and centered on the suite. The great mobility of the helicopter platform makes this variant a decisive tactical battlefield asset. The reduced passenger complement of Gate Denial Vampires is usually dedicated to a team of Red Fleet sorceresses and their attendants.

Vehicle Statistics

Name Crew Pass Cargo Init Maneuver Top Speed Defense Damage Reduction
Samsonov Vampire 5 14 250 kg -4 -4 380 (38) 6 20
  Hit Points Size Weight Harpoints Purchase DC Restriction Weapons Extras
  50 G 20 tons 9 (0) 49 Mil (+3) by variant by variant
Name Weapons Extras
Samsonov Vampire Sharapov SVH-75 Rotary Autocannon (2); Katyushas, 400mm (1); BHX Rykov Hook Missile (4); Shadow Medium Anti-Aircraft Missile (2) Crypsis system
Marine Patrol Variant Sharapov SVH-75 Rotary Autocannon; Cheprakov CK-68S Shipkiller Missile (4); Shumkov SNK-87 Heavy Torpedo (4) Crypsis system
Krawl Hunter Variant Gromov GRKH-MS Automatic Cannon; Sharapov SVH-75 Rotary Autocannon (2); Tikhonov TH-93 “Krawl Smasher” Missile (4) Crypsis system
Reconnaisance Variant Sokolov SI-34 “Arrow” Air-to-Air Missile Crypsis system; 2 Camera Pods; 2 Fuel Pods
Night Stalker Variant Sharapov SVH-75 Rotary Autocannon (2); Tikhonov TH-52 “Hammer” Ground Attack Missile (6) Crypsis system; Voronov Photonics Institute “Night Eye” Night Vision Suite
Deployment Gate Denial Variant Sokolov SI-34 “Arrow” Air-to-Air Missile Crypsis system;Central Protokasting Research Institute Gate Protocol Interference Suite (MK. 7); 2 Fuel Pods

New Vehicular Weapons

Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment (Area of Effect) Rate of Fire Magazine Hardpoints Purchase DC Restriction
CK-68s Shipkiller Missile 3d6x10 19-20 Concussion 00m (10m radius) 1 1 1 25 Mil (+3)
GRKH-MS Automatic Cannon 1d4x10 20 Ballistic 60m S, A 50 box 1 24 Mil (+3)
SI-34 “Arrow” Air-to-Air Missile 5d6 19-20 Concussion 600m (6m radius) S 2 1 25 Mil (+3)
SNK-87 Heavy Torpedo 2d8x10 19-20 Concussion 1500m (10m radius) 1 1 2 26 Mil (+3)
SVH-75 Rotary Autocannon 2d12 20 Ballistic 50m A 2000 int. 1 21 Mil (+3)
TH-52 “Hammer” Ground Attack Missile 1d4x10 19-20 Concussion 400m (20m radius) 1 1 1 Mil (+3)
TH-93 “Krawl Smasher” Missile 2d8x10 19-20 Concussion 300m (1m radius) 1 1 1 24 Mil (+3)

Cheprakov CK-68S Shipkiller Missile
Designed to attack surface targets, the Shipkiller carries an exceptionally potent high explosive warhead.

Gromov GRKH-MS Automatic Cannon
The GRKH-MS is used for direct fire attacks against krawls and other armored vehicles.

Sharapov SVH-75 Rotary Autocannon
The Sharapov SVH-75 Autocannon fires 15mm ammunition, bridging the gap between heavy machine guns and light autocannons.

Shumkov SNK-87 Heavy Torpedo
SNK-87 torpedoes are high-explosive armor piercing weapons for use against naval targets. They can be carried as ordnance on aircraft and helicopters or are deployed from torpedo-equipped surface vessels or submarines.

Sokolov SI-34 “Arrow” Air-to-Air Missile
The “Arrow” is a light air-to-air missile which very quickly locks onto its target. It counts as a masterwork weapon.

Tikhonov TH-52 “Hammer” Ground Attack Missile
The high explosive “Hammer” Ground Attack Missile is intended for use against massed soft and lightly armored targets.

Tikhonov TH-93 “Krawl Smasher” Missile
The TH-93 carries an armor piercing warhead with an extremely focused closely shaped blast, able to penetrate even the heaviest krawl armor.

New Vehicle Options

Option Purchase DC   Restriction
Camera Pod 19 Lic (+1)
Central Protokasting Research Institute Gate Protocol Interference Suite (MK. 7) +5 Mil (+3)
Fuel Pod 11
Voronov Photonics Institute “Night Eye” Night Vision Suite +2 Mil (+3)

Camera Pod
Camera pods are loaded with high powered imaging and recording equipment. They are self contained and heavily armored, so they can be recovered even after loss of the carrying craft. Mounting a camera pod reduces the number of available hardpoints by two.

Central Protokasting Research Institute Gate Protocol Interference Suite (MK. 7)
An active Gate Protocol Interference Suite forces all kasters trying to kast any type of gate protcol to make a Concentration check against a DC of 30 or fail at the kast. This effects a 1000 m radius centred on the suite. A Gate Protocol Interference Suite reduces the number of available hardpoints by four and the cargo/passenger capacity by 1000 kg (or the equivalent 10 passengers).

Fuel Pod
Fuel pods increase the range of vehicles. A single large fuel pod takes up two hardpoints.

Voronov Photonics Institute “Night Eye” Night Vision Suite
The Night Eye mounted on the Night Stalker Variant of the Samsonov Vampire provide darkvision out to 100 m and a +8 equipment bonus on Search and Spot checks made by the crew. A Night Vision Suite reduces the number of available hardpoints by one.

The artwork is taken from The Red Star Annual 2006 and was used with kind permission of Christian Gossett.
The Red Star and all related characters are ™ and © Christian Gossett. Used with kind permission.
The Red Star Campaign Setting is © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.
Die Grafik stammt aus The Red Star Annual 2006 und wurde mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Christian Gossett verwendet.
The Red Star und alle verwandten Charaktere sind ™ und © Christian Gossett. Verwendet mit freundlicher Genehmigung.
The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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