Saint Odile

Saint Odile For a long time I had the idea to put a sister on a horse. But I was unsure which horse I should use until I talked with blut_und_glas about the project.

At first I thought it would be cool to build another Saint for the Sisters. But during the creation of the article I became uncertain about this issue. The problem was that it would be just another Saint. So it is up to you if you want to honor her as a Saint or not.


This built is in fact pretty easy. The only real problem is the cape which is built from Green Stuff. The headgear of the horse is also made from Green Stuff, but you can use the original as well or go for an entirely different look. The mount is from the miniature “Empire Master Engineer on Mechanical Steed”. The legs of the rider are connected to the horse, but that doesn’t matter, because the legs fit a sister quite well. So just put the horse together and you are done. By the way, I used the older metal model. I have no idea how the parts of the new Finecast model fit together.

The torso of the rider is from the Exorcist kit. It is also part of the Immolator, but there you actually need this part. Usually every Sisters player should have at least one Exorcist at home, so this part is really easy to get. The upper part of the cape is also from one of the two models, but was trimmed a bit, so that the cape would have a more natural flow.

Every female head works. Long hair would be nice, because you have to model the back of the torso, and with the long hair you can cheat a bit. The part I used is borrowed from the plastic Wyches kit of the Dark Elder. If you have one, or a friend who plays Dark Elder, there should be a few extra heads lying around. Obviously, I trimmed the pointy ears and removed the heretic ornaments, so it would look more like a Sister.

The reins are made from wire and the swords are from… I actually have no clue. I had these things for over 15 years and never put them to use. Just take any swords, you always have some swords around. On the base there is a skull as well as a helmet from a Khorne Berzerker. There was also some base decoration from the Master Engineer, so I used it here. Just add sand and your Sister on Mechanical Steed is ready to paint.

Background Story

After the death of their parents, Odile and her younger twin sister were sent to an imperial orphanage for girls. Since their parents were part of a Rough Rider squadron, the two girls used to help the equerry with his work. Both excelled in their duties, and so the Sisters of Battle became interested in the two young girls. They were added to the Sisterhood and here they also proved themselves, the best of their class.

The time of separation finally came, when one – and only one – of them was to become a Sister Superior. A duel in an old temple should decide which one of the two would be worthier. Odile decided to wield a power sword in this battle, her sister choosing a flamer. Again and again the elder twin had to retreat from the purifying flames of her younger sister, but finally she could force her into a close combat. The blue light of the sword pierced the fuel tank of the flamer and ended the duel with an explosion.

Odile became a Sister Superior and her first assignment was to stand against the elite of the Emperor. The Inquisition ordered the Sisters of Battle to hunt down a renegade chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. It was Odile’s unit which faced down the chapter master. In the following battle, the fallen servant of the Emperor sacrificed the blood of her sisters to honor his dark god. Odile was the only sister left standing, the only one who could stop his madness. Their final fight was short and brutal. The two clashing power blades shattered upon one another, Odile using that moment of confusion to kill the traitor.

The Inquisition found her mangled but still living form between the dead bodies of her sisters. They brought her to the Sisters Hospitaller where her shattered leg was removed and replaced with a crude mechanical limb. During her rehabilitation, she forged the two shattered swords anew, so they could serve the Emperor once again. But it became obvious that the condition of her legs wouldn’t allow her to fight anymore. So, after learning of her upbringing, the Inquisitor in command of the purge, most pleased to have been handed the head of the treacherous chapter master, gifted her with a mechanical steed which would carry her into battle from now on.


Since I usually use German rules please excuse a few terms I’ve might gotten wrong.

A unit of Sisters Repentia may replace their Mistress with Odile for 65 points.

Saint Odile 4 4 3 3 2 3 3 10 3+


Infantry (unique)


Acts of Faith, Shield of Faith, Fearless, Feel No Pain, Fleet, Cold Heart, Onslaught of Rage

Cold Heart: Within the Sisterhood, Odile is renowned for mercilessly and efficiently hunting down her targets. With her resolve, she can calm the most hot-tempered Sisters to wait for their chance to strike. As long as Odile is alive, the Sisters Repentia in her unit are not subject to Rage and may not use the Act of Faith: Spirit of the Martyr. Odile counts as a Mistress of Repentance for performing Acts of Faith.

Onslaught of Rage: This Act of Faith is used in the Movement phase. If it is successful, the Sisters may charge at units within 12 inch.


Power Armor, Mechanical Steed, “Death and Doom”, Frag and Krak Grenades

Death and Doom: In the eyes of many sisters these two blades are sacred. They count as a Simulacrum Imperialis as well as two Power Weapons.

Mechanical Steed: The Mechanical Steel is a powerful tool to hunt down heretics. Infantry models, which are in close combat with Odile act on an Initiative of 1. As long as Odile is alive her unit may not enter a transport vehicle.

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