RPG+Ally+a+Day: Fisheye Timothaeus + Prelate Heinrich Froschgötze-Beil, obscure + allies for Warhammer 40,000

Since 2014, RPGaDay poses daily questions about RPGs in August.
Since 2015, we resist by delivering daily thematic material for RPGs in August.
This year, the theme of the alternate August activity was to be “allies”. Ally-a-Day.
But what is that? The enemy appears to lower their arms. Instead of posing questions, RPGaDay2019 presents single word prompts, suddenly opening a path leading past the About towards the For.
While we do not wish to ignore the hand so offered, neither do we wish to cast out our allies because the enemy for once appears conciliatory.
Neither just RPG-a-Day nor just Ally-a-Day.
Not or, but and.
Not minus. Plus.


Day 8: Obscure + Allies

Fisheye Timothaeus
Fisheyes-Timo belongs to the planetary underclass of gillmen, stable mutants who work the underseas mines, the drilling rigs, and the giant harbours. There, their delicate breathing organs get destroyed by gill-plague and the ubiquitous industrial pollution, damning them to an early and painful death. Violence and drugs are part of their everyday life, and for Timothaeus part of his livelihood as well, which he earns mostly by dealing with obscura. He is prone to partaking of his wares himself, and the obscura smoke is doing just as thorough a job of destroying his gills as work in the harbour basin would. Fisheye’s success as a dealer is founded in part on his close relationship with Heinrich Froschgötze-Beil, a local prelate of the Ecclesiarchy, who has been familiar with Timothaeus since childhood and who shares with him his love of obscura and the money from its sale.


Prelate Heinrich Froschgötze-Beil
Prelate Froschgötze-Beil has come quite a way from the son of simple mutant handlers who had to share lodgings and food with the horrible gillmen. While his diocese still comprises the harbour and the adjoining industrial zones, the cathedral rises from the surrounding filth like an admonishing finger of faith and righteousness. For a long time, Heinrich has been smoking obscura to reimagine the glass ceiling of his nominally high but in reality insignificant if not despicable office as something beautiful. Through one of the former charges of his parents, Fisheye Timothaeus, Heinrich has found a way to actually have that ceiling gilded over. He hides large shipments of obscura within consignments of incense for the cathedral and lesser churches of the diocese before – following a joint meditation over a well stocked incense burner – Timothaeus distributes them.


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