Rescue Vest

Despite its obvious benefits in regards to protection, durability and mobility powered armour does have some distinctive drawbacks. One of the most obvious is its negative buoyancy, not only on ships and in marine facilities, but also in cities like Mort with their sprawling networks of sewers and reservoirs which form important links in the urban civilian and defensive infrastructure. Green Systems addresses this problem for the first time with their rescue vest design for power armours. The large vest has all the properties you would expect from a high-tech rescue and swimming vest, scaled up for use with powered armour. The flexible vest is adjustable to fit with and over all manner of different armour types. It comes in a variety of colours ranging from classic bright reds and oranges, to unobtrusive greys, off-whites and black, to different marine, urban and industrial camouflage patterns.

Rescue vests are sold for 85c.

Game Use:

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