Rejuvenation Oyster

Related to the computer only by shape and their common namesake, a Rejuvenation Oyster is a large bed ingenuously crafted with integrated wellness functions.

A Rejuvenation Oyster hinges open at the headboard to reveal its cushioned interior. Lighting elements are located on the inside of the lid and interspaced within the massage cushions, and bathe the occupant in immune-activating and regeneration-enhancing radiation frequencies while she sleeps. Massage and light are feedback coupled to the sleeper’s sleep-pattern and bio-rhythm as to best promote recovery and restoration.

A Rejuvenation Oyster costs 1200c.

Game Use:

Characters with at least 1 rank in the Good Sleeper advantage increase their natural healing rates by one and a half when sleeping in a Rejuvenation Oyster.

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