Baby Syringe

Formally known as an intravenous insemination system – IVIS –, Baby Syringe is such an apt moniker that it was adopted not only by the original research technicians but also as the brand name for this revolutionary assisted reproductive technology.

At its most basic the Baby Syringe will get you pregnant with a simple iv shot.

As the system circumvents the usual route of insemination, the genetic material of the donor can be extracted from any adequate blood or tissue sample instead of sperm. It is then piggybacked on a carrier substance, which will enter the ovary from the blood side and deliver the donor genetic material into the ovum as it leaves the follicle.

The carrier and its payload degrade over a period of five days, within which ovulation has to occur for the injection to be successful.

A complete procedure, including preparation, costs 25c.

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