Nanite Biosampler

These medical nano machines selectively collect individual target cells, enabling non-invasive biopsies of practically any site or tissue to be performed. Priced at 7c per vial, without ancillaries. Game Use: […]

Addict Advertising (Surgical)

Employed by several unscrupulous soft companies, surgical addict advertising is a form of targeted psycho-surgery meant to induce attachment or craving for specific brands or products. While it is also […]

Baby Syringe

Formally known as an intravenous insemination system – IVIS –, Baby Syringe is such an apt moniker that it was adopted not only by the original research technicians but also […]

Rejuvenation Oyster

Related to the computer only by shape and their common namesake, a Rejuvenation Oyster is a large bed ingenuously crafted with integrated wellness functions. A Rejuvenation Oyster hinges open at […]

Sleep Manager

Taking the shape of a mundane mid size pillow a Sleep Manager is actually a fairly advanced piece of medical equipment. Programmable via an integrated chippy port, it is able […]

AT1 Drugscreen

AT1 Drugscreen test strips are used for urinalysis and detecting use of advanced biogenetically active substances including UV and its derivatives, drugs of the KS family, all major strains of […]

Froth Testgun

The Froth is a compact diagnostic instrument for drawing and analysing blood samples for drugs and drug markers. The Froth mounts a micro vacuum chamber and short quick-change cannule along […]


Karma’s secrets, part deux! Microclones are fully functional models of an individual’s system. They consist of miniaturised replicas of all organs and tissues. They are used in immunological testing, tissue […]


Karma’s secrets revealed! Cyclomicrons are ultra-stable molecular carrier rings for use in biogenetic engineering. It’s these little marvels which allow for in-vivo biogenetic modification, cellular programming, and implant integration. Cyclomicrons […]

Skinwrap Wound Dressing

Skinwrap brings a sticking plaster approach to biogenetic tissue grafting. Patches of biogenetic skin are treated with an adhesive layer on their underside, forming an easily applied dressing. Skinwrap will […]