A special design for a special market, KilCruiser presents a class of light modular ion drive spaceship. While almost all ion drive ships are built to orders, KilCruiser vessels are continually manufactured in series, then outfitted with modules according to the individual client’s or even mission’s needs.

12 large bays, six to a side arranged in two rows of three, can be adapted to accommodate anything from pressurized or non-pressurized cargo holds, passenger quarters or additional energy systems and back-up circuits, making the so converted KilCruiser an ideal vessel for anything from transport, to exploration and diplomatic mission. Four ball turrets with twin SP/EX kinetic railguns and the possibility to fit additional weapons in the bays make it suitable for ‘diplomatic’ missions, also.

The price tag of a basic KilCruiser stands at 100000000c.

Game Use:

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