Fellatio F900

Once more the newest sports car from Fellatio lives up to the legendary press conference on the companies founding day, when the answer to the question ‘So what is up with that name, anyway?’ was ‘Well, we want to make sex on wheels’. The F900 is exactly that – sex on wheels.

The fusion multi-torus purrs like a cat as it greedily swallows mile after mile of road, and the slick organic lines of the car give an impression of softness that betrays this raw hunger and ferociousness underneath, that will keep the F900 going for 20000 hours and more.

The organic design is continued on the interior, which is all curves and luxury padding and throbbing sound systems.

A new F900 costs 48000c and is available in all colours, as long as they are Fellatio’s trademark pink.

Game Use:

Type Car Max Speed 440 km/h Skill Drive, Civilian PV/ID 10/200 Max Crew/Passengers 1/2

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