Gelee Royale

A potent combat agent, Gelee Royale boosts the body’s resilience and regenerative powers. This increase in the natural capacity to withstand physical trauma renders Gelee Royale users practically immune to blood loss, shock and the host of light injuries which usually contribute to bringing down heavily protected personnel.

Unfortunately Gelee Royale has also been known to cause serious adverse reactions upon prolonged use, leading to lethal internal haemorrhaging. Used responsibly though the benefits clearly outweight the risks.

The formula for Gelee Royale is based off research originally conducted by Karma on the industrial world of New Prussia, though it was further refined at the central laboratories of the Soul Institute.

Gelee Royale is priced at 15c per individual dose.

Game Use:

Game Effects: All damage suffered by the user is reduced by one. This includes impact damage and damage suffered as a result of wounds/bleeding. The effects last for 12 hours.

Addiction: -2 PHYS per dose

Detox. Effects: Massive haemorrhaging resulting in 10 wounds

Addiction: Continuous

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