Flux Damper

Flux dampers interfere with the uptake of ambient flux by ebb-users. While this makes calculations harder and reduces an ebb-user’s ability to regenerate flux, its main effect is in maintaining ebb-users’ health by preventing stress and poisoning from detrimental flux residue. Such residue can form in the aftermath of large-scale ebb use for example.

A flux damper appears as a roughly fist-sized prismatic solid with smooth surfaces the colour of decomposing flesh.

Flux dampers cost 200c.

Game Use:

Flux dampers affect an area of 5 m radius.

In this area flux regenerates at half rate and calculation rolls are made at an additional -2 to whatever other modifiers are in place.

Ebb-users do not gain stress due to flux effects or necanthrope auras in this area.

Detect abilities used to sense or identify ebb use or ebb-user’s do not yield results inside the area affected by a flux damper.

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