FENg 603

The FENg 603 is one of the most popular auto pistols ever produced. It has a full ceramic frame and barrel with gas operated double-action. It comes ready to accept silencer, flash suppressor, pistol stock and sights. The compact box magazine has a 10mm capacity of 20 full rounds with either a single shot or full auto switch. The FENg 603 has a ‘grip easy’ handle with a fully cushioned rubber grip. It has low recoil and is inexpensive.

A FENg 603 weights 0.5 kg and costs 130c.

Game Use:

FENg 603 Clip 20 Calibre 10mm ROF 3/1 Recoil 4/3 Range 11m

The FENg 603 is indistinguishable from a FEN 603 without taking a close look to notice the little ‘g’ at the end of the logo.


  1. Du hättest gerne auch etwas zum Hintergrund dieser Waffe schreiben können…


  2. Also, zum Beispiel wie FEN darauf reagiert oder seit wann es die FENg 603 so gibt…


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