Conrad P-900

The P-900 is the newest series of handguns by renowned gunsmith Conrad of New Prussia. The P-900 family consists of five pistols each with the same basic design but chambered for different calibres of ammunition. At the low end sits the 5mm P-905, which is the only pistol from the series available to civilians. The four higher powered variants come in 8mm (P-908), 10mm (P-910), 12mm (P-912) and a special variant licensed for the BLA 9mm round (P-909).

As is typical for all Conrad firearms the P-900 pistols are accurate in the extreme and offer excellent ergonomics. And though Conrad does not offer lifelong guarantees their handguns have a reputation for reliability and ease of maintenance.

Regardless of calibre a P-900 weights 0.8 kg and is sold for 540c (5400u in case of the P-905).

Game Use:

P-905 Clip 28 Calibre 5mm ROF 2/1 Recoil 2 Range 12m

P-908 Clip 20 Calibre 8mm ROF 2/1 Recoil 2 Range 15m

P-909 Clip 18 Calibre 9mm ROF 2/1 Recoil 3 Range 15m

P-910 Clip 15 Calibre 10mm ROF 2/1 Recoil 3 Range 15m

P-912 Clip 12 Calibre 12mm ROF 2/1 Recoil 4 Range 18m

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