Armoured Burst Gun

SLA Equipment
Another museum piece, the ABG is one of the weapons which equipped the Stormer legions who fought and won the Conflict Wars.

It is armoured. It fires bursts. It is a gun, too. And its 37mm HEAP shells burst armour (and anything else).
The marketing department was being very straightforward, even literal, back then. It was a simpler time.

Outwardly, it is a heavy, sharply angular box of a weapon with a forward carrying handle and a massive firing lever in the back. The sharp edges and 92 kg bulk of the ABG made it a fearsome melee weapon when swung with the enhanced strength of a Stormer, even without mounting a bayonet or other melee attachment.

On the collectors’ market, well preserved Conflict Era ABGs are traded for 25,000c and up.

Game Use:
ABG Clip 18 Calibre 37mm ROF 5/3 Recoil 28/24 Range 40m

37mm HEAP PEN 32 DAM 37 AD 11

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