Editorial: The first month

d6ideas dice1Oh, it's saturday already? Sometimes its scary how fast time passes. It feels like I just finished editing last weeks articles and now its already time to write the next editorial.

Anyhow, we managed to stay on the schedule for a whole month now without much trouble (well, the Ale Wraith article was unfortunately gone for a while, but at least we learned some valuable lessons about our software…)

In hindsight of the last couple weeks, we cannot say much about the number of page-hits, suffice to say that if you are reading this text when it actually is published, you are a member of a rather exclusive club. We deliberately decided to start out slowly, relying more on word of mouth than a lot of advertisement. A project like d6ideas needs to grow naturally from contributor as much as from the readers side and that process takes time. In addition to that, since pretty much all our articles are supposed to be not time critical and useful without an expiration date, we will not really lose much (neither will you) if you read this two years from now.

In any case, I'd like to thank all the people that helped and participated in making this happen so far and hope we all have us much fun in the future in realizing our ideas and producing content as we had during the last few weeks. The results of these efforts bear fruits twofold again this week:

On Monday, we will publish The GEOpards, a new special forces unit for Blue Planet v2, the English article is written bei Blut und Glas.

On Thursday, Yandere will share his thoughts and ideas on how to implement and integrate mounted combat in a game of DnD 4th Edition. This article is in English as well.

Have fun and a great week, Apocalypse

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