The Killed Corps

Killed CorpsThe Killed Corps
A conspiracy to save humanity in the World of Progress

The Killed Corps is an NPC faction for SLA Industries which may be used as antagonists, allies and patrons (if the PCs qualify) or simply as a sidenote. First, you will find a description of the Killed Corps' background, then a sample of a Killed Corps cell containing six members. At the bottom of the page, you will find stubs for similar organizations in other settings.

The Killed Corps is a racist conspiracy sharing the fear that humanity is to be put into subservience to the other races in the World of Progress, if not outright extinguished. The core of the Killed Corps is composed of a mystically inclined cabal, which has been repeatedly ressurrected from near-death with LAD™ and enhanced with bioengineered implants by KARMA™, now styling themselves as the equivalent of Necanthropes. While the Corps includes non-resurrected members as foot-soldiers, upper rank members must have been dead at least once. Due to this prerequisite, many of the members are also Karma-enhanced and have a Militia or Operative background.

There are some indications the Killed Corps might at least be partially correct and consequently they managed to convince a lot of influential people to join their ranks. The Killed Corps has entrenched itself especially into SLA Industries’ enforcement organizations, with its members hailing from SHIVER police departments to CLOAK Division, the internal intelligence department of SLA Industries. Combined with a terrorist-inspired cell structure, the Killed Corps has become indestructible without a large-scale cleansing operation. Head Office is actually aware of the existence of the Killed Corps, but so far has taken a watching stance to see if the Killed Corps develops into a threat or an asset.

The modus operandi of the Killed Corps includes lobbying and blackmailing, espionage and (dis-)information campaigns, assaults on non-human targets and acquisition of genocidal weapons tailored against alien races. The relationship to KARMA™ is especially ambigious, as bio-engineered plants and LAD™ are the only way to give Killed Corps operatives the necessary edge, but Stormers and their derivates are also the top-running candidates for replacing humans. The Killed Corps tackles the issue by carefully manipulating the company structure of KARMA™ and creating pockets of solemnly Killed Corps-loyal bio-engineers. With KARMA™, the Killed Corps has secretly become a company within the company.

Example Killed Corps Cell

Title & Name: Operative Rebecca “Becks” Powell
SLA Status: CLOAK Supervisor
KC Cell Function: Cell leader, uplink to higer levels of KC-hierarchy
Persona: Control Freak / Vamp
Motivation: Becks is currently SCL 3F.9 and has been repeatedly missing due promotion to fulfill some artificial “racial equality quota”, allowing a number of less-skilled and less-experienced nonhuman operatives to surpass her.
Quote: Call me Becky and I’ll kick your peanut-sized balls to Orange Crush and back again.
Title & Name: Donald Ryker
SLA Status: Ex-Militia / Ex-Operative / Fugitive
KC Cell Function: Military brains of Becks' cell
Persona: Jaded War Veteran
Motivation: Ryker knows that humans do not cut it. To him, SLA Industries is primarily a weapons manufacturer and a military power, and Necs and Stormers are superior soldiers. He knows, that one day or the other, humans will be obsolete.
Quote: I’ve battled Thresher. On Dante. Do you really think I still fear death?
Title & Name: Militia Sergeant Jason Clive “J.C.” Morgan
SLA Status: Militia, off-duty for medical reasons
KC Cell Function: Heavy Weapons / Demolitions
Persona: Mentally Damaged War Veteran
Motivation: J.C. is in for it because he follows Ryker. They are the only two survivors of their original battalion and have fought together for years.
Quote: This is urban warfare. Urban warfare is best done with heavy artillery saturation fire.
Title & Name: Officer Bruce Bradley
SLA Status: Dispersal S.H.I.V.E.R., Suburbia
KC Cell Function: Close Combat
Persona: Bully Cop
Motivation: Bruce is in for the fun of killing aliens. Being a xenophobic from youth on he found an outlet for his racist hatred in the Killed Corps. Bruce was not LAD-resurrected.
Quote: Serves the shitbag alien scum well.
Title & Name: Officer Kylie Fairchild
SLA Status: SCAF Pilot, Cannibal Sector Wall
KC Cell Function: Scout / Sniper
Persona: Arrogant Fly Girl
Motivation: Kylie believes strongly in her personal superiority and sees the Killed Corps as a tool for advancement. If she serves a cause in doing so, it’s cream on the cake. And she never liked aliens, anyway.
Quote: Who is watching your fucking asses when the shit hits the fan?
Title & Name: Employee Matthew “Stitch” Statham
SLA Status: Karma Medical Employee
KC Cell Function: Medic
Persona: Shy Fellow Traveler
Motivation: Stitch happened to see and hear a few things at Karma and he is afraid. He talked to his supervisors, but nobody wanted to hear his worries. Finally, he fell into Beck’s lap. She immediately exploited him for her aims and recruited him for her cell.
Quote: I don’t necessarily like the way we are doing this, but something has to be done.

The Killed Corps in other Settings:

Any setting which allows for resurrection and contains a non-human threat provides the necessary environment to transplant the Killed Corps one-to-one – which is effectively every Fantasy setting with some serious magic. With a little bit more tweaking, the cabal can also be built around the veneration of a disputed (half-)god who unites aspects of live and death and whose followers are forced to hide their believe.

Contemporary and Horror
While there are no true resurrected in a contemporary setting, people who went through near-death experiences might see themselves as chosen, either as saviours of humanity or harbingers of the apocalypse. In Contemporary Horror settings, true insight and outside threats again make transplantation easy.

Transhumanism and other Future Stuff
As soon as conservation/resurrection techniques like stasis, crysalis reconstruction or braintaping are available, the Killed Corps can be transplanted again one-to-one, especially if the necessary technology is new and still somewhat rare. Finding the enemy to fight against depends on the setting, but with Rogue AIs, true aliens or strange biomorphs transhumanism usually offers a broad range of choices.

Other future settings might become a little difficult depending on the theme and technological backdrop, but what goes for Contemporary settings can be applied here as well.

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