The GEOpards

A military unit for Blue Planet v2
GEOpards patchThe GEOpards, formally 4th Special Forces Company, GEO Peacekeeping Force, are a GEO military unit, and one of five "Blue Berets" companies deployed to Poseidon.

The GEOpards can trace their lineage back to the initial founding of the Peacekeepers and the induction of the first hybrids into their ranks, when an all Cat-type hybrid special operations unit was formed. Though GEO anti-discrimination practices meanwhile prohibit such genetically segregated formations, the GEOpards still maintain a strong bias toward Cat hybrids, with more than 70% of the unit's personnel being Cats.

While the Blue Berets are trained in all kinds of special operations, the GEOpards specifically have a reputation for excelling at counter-terrorism and special recon missions, as well as direct action, though in the latter capacity they are clearly overshadowed by the might of the marine corps heavy cavalry and their supertroopers.

The Blue Berets in general are known for the sense of pride memberships instills in Peacekeeper personnel and for the hybrid soldiers especially, service in the GEOpards is considered an honor due to the company's history and status.

On Poseidon, the company is based out of the Peacekeeper main compound at Fort Pacifica, but detachments have been deployed to various garrisons and trouble spots across the colony world. Even more than other GEO units, the GEOpards have found themselves in the paradoxial situation of working for, with, and against natives, colonists, and Incorporates in quick succession, sometimes within the same area of operations. Other than line Peacekeepers, the special operations experienced GEOpards have maintained a universally high morale even under these difficult and uncertain circumstances.

Creating a GEOpard character
GEOpards are Exceptional (or Elite) characters and should possess Strong or Superior aptitudes in Athletics and Firearms. Most of them are Cat hybrids, though other humanoid species are also present in the unit (Spacers and Silva hybrids are especially uncommon, and due to mandatory bio-modification no Purestrains serve in the GEOpards).

Training Packages
Soldiers serving in the GEOpards should choose Military Expert (Infantry) as their primary professional package. Secondary packages should consist of either Novice Athletics or Novice Survival, and a second Novice package to reflect their speciality, either Administration or Diplomacy (for officers), Espionage, Medical, or Technical.

Standard of Living
GEOpards enjoy the same pay and standard of living as other Peacekeeper soldiers.

Resources are the same as for other Peacekeepers, i.e. a bodycomp, combat armor (phototrophic), and heavy sidearm, plus mission specific equipment.

Accelerated neurons are an almost standard amongst the GEOpards, further enhancing the already prodigious coordination and reflexes of the Cat hybrids (and helping the non-Cat members of the unit to keep up). Neural jacks are implanted as standard, and since stationing to Poseidon, nearly all GEOpards have also received further metabolic modification in the form of improved blood oxygenation and salt tolerance. Both multiglands and myo-skeletal enhancement are relatively uncommon, and due to the hybrids' natural abilities sensory biomods are seen practically only with non-hybrid soldiers. The GEOpards are also noted for a significant number of full-body conversions of humans into Cat hybrids, a process that is exceedingly rare otherwise, but pride in their unit and its history and loyality to their hybrid buddies are thought to overcome the often associated stigma.

Most Wanted
Major Jonn Kim
Major Jonn Kim is the current commanding officer of the GEOpards. A political hardliner and GEO woman through and through, she joined the Peacekeepers at the earliest possible age (16 for hybrids) and began a steady climb through the ranks. She is supremely confident in her training, abilities, extremely proud of her hybrid heritage, and convinced of the righteousness of the GEO's mission. The recent critique of the GEO by Independent Nations and the GEOpards troubles since coming to Poseidon have left her considering leaving active duty for the political arena. Even while still an officer she tries her best to influence GEO colonial policy towards a more aggressive stance and prepare the ground for establishing full and uncontested control of Poseidon as GEO territory, with the existing hybrid colony as its possible backbone.

Species: Cat Hybrid
Origin: GEO
Backgrounds: Colonial, GEO
Goal: Power
Motivation: Loyality
Attitude: Confident
Role: GEOpard Commander
Primary Attributes: Build 2, Fitness 2, Agility 3, Dexterity 1, Awareness 0, Intellect 1, Presence 0, Will 2
Derived Attributes: Endurance 3, Reflexes 3, Strength 2, Toughness 1
Modifications: Implanted Microcomputer, Neural Jack, Improved Blood Oxygenation, Salt Tolerance, Accelerated Neurons
Primary Skills: Aquatics 5, Colonial Culture 5, First Aid 6, GEO Culture 8, Heavy Weapons 5, Leadership 7, Longarms 6, Military Culture 8, Parachuting 6, Strategy 5, Tactics 5, Throwing 9

Access Denied
Enlistment overtures
Despite the unit's illustrious history, the senior officers of the GEOpards see their traditions endangered. While GEO military service formed a cornerstone of hybrid culture, the majority of the species relocated to Poseidon in recent years, and Peacekeeper Special Forces are selected and trained in GEO facilities back on Earth. A future without Cats in the unit seems unthinkable for its leadership, though they accepted the growing importance of other species within its ranks. Without approval from their superiors on Poseidon, the GEOpards have thus begun to make contact with the hybrid colonists, in an effort to lay the foundations for the recruitment and training of new GEOpards directly from the Poseidon population. Their special forces experience and the fact that many of the colonists are former soldiers themselves, has allowed the GEOpards a successful start in this endeavour. Still, the responsible officers are playing a dangerous game. If word of their private operation came out, public outcry, allegations of clandestine and illegal unconventional warfare operations, and serious backlash by the GEO against a perceived threat of rogue elements in its own military might soon follow.

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