Dot is an ultra potent broad spectrum combined antibiotic and antitoxin. The medical drug is meant as a first emergency treatment for operatives in the field, arresting the pathological processes caused by any number of bacterial, viral and microbiological pathogens, as well as toxins generated by such or present in natural and manufactured venoms.

The one downside of administering this highly efficient medical drug is its very potency, which diminishes not only the harmful effects of foreign substances in the body, but also the systemic effects of other beneficial drugs. None the less it is perfect for keeping infected or poisoned operatives alive until specialised treatment for their condition becomes available at the next fully staffed SLA Industries hospital or other dedicated facility.

Dot costs 18c per dose.

Game Use:

Game Effects: Progression of diseases is arrested and effects of poisons or drugs are halved for 2 hours.

Addiction: -1 PHYS per 50 doses

Detox. Effects: -1 HITS permanent

Addiction: 3 per day

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