D6 Atlas Page 3

Atlas CoverWelcome to the third page of the D6 Atlas. This time round the Atlas does indeed not show a classic map but instead the impression of a landscape – something that can be found in historic atlases from time to time.

Perhaps this warrants a little more explanation. Similarly to the last page this new Atlas entry was planned to become an illustration for the German rpg „Seelenfänger“. As it happens so often, things went differently though. Artists, too, sometimes discover that their work does not fit in with the overall product in the end.

Even though I am more than happy with the illustration itself, it simply was not usable for the adventure – and thus it became available for the Atlas.

The inscription was originally planned as a mere design element instead of a label. This was one of the points of contention about the illustration but now it increases the usability for the Atlas. I changed and deliberately obscured the inscription some more, so that it could mean just about anything if you choose to use it as a handout.

Page one and two of the d6 atlas can be found here and here.

Aquarell Ruine

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