C. A. Nada – an npc for Blue Planet

CanadaMost Wanted
“Carol Ann Nada“

A literal most wanted, Carol Ann Nada is the nom de guerre of a senior Zero Nation leader, suspected to have taken over the overall planning and coordination of the terrorists’ Poseidon operations.

Despite her chosen moniker, Nada is actually a native of Australia and so grew up in one of the least devastated areas of post-Blight Earth.

Nada belongs to the intellectual breed of terrorists. She began to orbit the fringe of anti-Incorporate and general anti-statist groups early in her life. This association grew closer when she attended university but it remained one of political sentiment, debate and non-violent protest, although with increasingly radical undertones.

What finally pushed her over the edge of militant extremism was the fateful discovery of xenosilicates by Atlas Materials and the beginning of the Long John rush. With news of the mounting exploitation of Poseidon she quickly moved from a sympathizer over a supporter to an activist, hooked up with a Zero Nation cell and went underground.

The combination of unwavering – and murderous – commitment to the cause and an exceptional talent for organisation led to her rise first to cell leader and finally to a senior position within the overall structure of the Zero Nation network.

With increasing prominence within the terror group, though, came increased efforts on parts of police and security organisations to apprehend or neutralise her. As the noose began to tighten around her, Nada left Earth and indeed the solar system. With her stored away in cryogenic suspension en route to Poseidon, the trail went cold both figuratively and literally.

After arrival on the colony world, whose perceived plight had started her on her path, Nada wasted little time getting back to work.

She fears that time may be running out, for herself, Zero Nation and Poseidon, and is planning to move away from the often uncoordinated pinprick attacks waged by her network and its associated cells. She looks for something bigger to make an unmistakeable statement and to hit her enemies where it hurts.

Akin to the skyhook bombing of 2096 – which she believes to be the single largest and most effective terrorist attack in human history – her plan involves the disruption of interplanetary and even interstellar travel. Her target of choice: Prosperity Station. Disabling – or just damaging – this space station would strike at one of the symbols of GEO power and cause massive economic backlash by halting the flow of colonists, material, and the critical Long John. Nada does not yet know how to take out such a formidable structure – but she is determined to find a way.

Species: Human, Purestrain
Origin: Urban
Backgrounds: Independent, University
Goal: Revolution
Motivation: Fear
Attitude: Holistic
Role: Terrorist leader
Primary Attributes: Build 0, Fitness 0, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Awareness 2, Intellect 1, Presence 2, Will 1
Derived Attributes: Endurance 0, Reflexes 1, Strength 0, Toughness 0
Aptitudes: Command, Culture, Fine Arts (Superior); Close Combat, Human Sciences, Medicine, Subterfuge, Tech (Strong)
Primary Skills: Anthropology 5, Computers 8, Driving 5, Earth Culture 9, History 5, Language (French) 7, Leadership 5, Lockpicking 5, Logistics 5, Politics 6, Remote Operation 5, Shadowing 5, Writing 7

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