D6 Atlas, Page 12

I think digging around in dusty archives of old games and groups has to rate as yet one more deeply satisfying perk of our hobby. It’s simply amazing what forgotten […]

The Red Void

The current map is a very rough sketch thrown up as part of a world building excercise: In what kind of setting, would a heart be used as an icon […]

D6 Atlas, Page 10

When publishing maps on the D6 Atlas, we always ended up with computer generated maps. Maybe that is the legacy of the categories beginning, when it grew from the (d6) […]

D6 Atlas Page 9

Another month, another page: This time we are looking at a frist draft of a redraft of a reimagining of an old homebrew setting idea that some years ago started […]

Atlas Cover

The story of this atlas page is a bit on the sad side compared to what has come before. This is because it is an unfinished story. At the end […]

Nydele: Countries of Nydele

Finishline. Or close to it. After going over the basics of the setting, and after a detailed look at creatures and religions, it’s high time to give some more background […]

D6 Atlas Page 7

The German version of this was running a bit late (sorry about that!), but at least the translation is on time. This time, the map is something of an experiment. […]

quick map 6

After it was mentioned to me that full continents are not as practical as.. well more smaller scale maps, I tried to switch. I have to admit this is something […]

Seelenfaenger Ship english

Once more a new atlas page. I thought I was done with the illustrations for the German RPG Seelenfänger, but I overlooked one of them, that fits in here. A deck […]