Nina scarves

The current Nina collection of poly-silk scarves is a trendsetter, long and narrow, strictly monochrome but for the tiny contrasting Nina N in the dead centre. Nina’s colours for this […]

Crytsal Fedora

Stylish headgear from dada, the Crystal Fedora is made of whitish translucent science friction material. A Crystal Fedora costs 52c. Game Use: –


Using the same featureless design and invisible oculars as the Combatmask, the Ballmask is constructed from lighter ceramics with only three-quarters coverage, leaving the mouth and lower face free. Enhancing […]


An extravagant fashion accessoire, this little device projects a bright warmly glowing nimbus of light around the wearer’s head, drawing attention and further accentuating face, hair and headgear. The Halo […]

Strangler Denim Vests

These vests follow the cut of the traditional Strangler work jackets, with the arms removed. Strangler denim vests retail for 17c. Game Use: –

Penelope Snailleather Jacket

Penelope’s new collection is made from only the highest quality leathers harvested from black giant snails. A Penelope snailleather jacket costs 600u. Game Use: –


The next step up from Animattire, the fabrics A-Wear suits are constructed from are laced with sophisticated sensory neurons, enabling the clothes to react to a variety of outside influences, […]


Living fabrics have long since found their way into every imaginable aspect of fashion. But the HearTie takes this trend to a whole new level. Not only is the weave […]

Sigerson Doorbreakers

These combat boots from renowned shoemaker Sigerson are reinforced with laminated ceramics such as is normally only used in the construction of power armour. This way they do not only […]