Stormer Survival Pod

Some conditions are too serious for even a stormer’s powerful regenerative capabilities. Severe full-body burns, multiple traumatic amputations, critical organ failure, large scale nerve damage, caused by injuries, poisons, or diseases, though not necessarily immediately fatal, might well be beyond a stormer’s ability to cope with. Unfortunately, the same conditions can also be notoriously difficult to treat even with modern medicine, especially under field conditions. The Stormer Survival Pod, marketed jointly by Phantom Pregnancy and Boopa, addresses this issue.

A large tank or trunk, oval in shape, the Survival Pod opens to reveal a cushioned interior sufficient to house a full grown stormer. Via a number of probes a stormer patient can be quickly hooked up to the pod’s systems, which will flood the pod with biogenetic amniotic as soon as the pod is closed. Within the controlled environment of the pod the stormer’s natural regeneration, aided by the installed support systems, can stabilise the stormer for transport and subsequent treatment at a secure facility, or even allow him to recuperate on his own.

Stormer Survival Pods come with an integral 1000 hour power-supply. Amniotic and other expendables must be replaced after 50 hours.

A Stormer Survival Pod costs 1000c. Refilling a pod costs 150c.

Game Use:

Disease progressions, Hit Point loss due to wounds, and similar conditions are slowed by factor 10 for a stormer enclosed within a Stormed Survival Pod.

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