Cyber-Pterorex and 1st Nhotian Aerial Lancers – flyers and pilots for Only War


The giant flying reptile known as the pterorex was one of the creatures native to Nhotia, which were selected for serial cyber-enhancement by the world’s new Mechanicus masters. Like its unenhanced ancestors, the cyber-pterorex continues to serve the human population of Nhotia as a beast of burden and of war.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
35 01 40(6) 40 35 10 45 20 10

Movement: 5/10/15/30
Wounds: 12
Armour: Machine (2).
Total TB: 4

Skills: Awareness (Per), Dodge (Ag), Survival (Per).
Talents: Hard Target.
Traits: Bestial, Bred for War, Brutal Charge (3), Deadly Natural Weapons, Flyer (8), Loyal, Machine (2), Size (6), Unnatural Strength (2).

Weapons: Chainbeak and claws (Melee; 1d10+6 R; Pen 0; Tearing).
Availability: Very Rare.

…and pilots

1st Nhotian Aerial Lancers
The 1st Aerial Lancers are a potent symbol of the changes wrought upon Nhotia by the induction of the rediscovered feral planet into the fold of the machine cult. Like the towering factory-temples rising out of the jungles and the strip mines worked by loincloth-clad tribesmen, the Aerial Lancers meld together the primeval ferocity of a lost world with the technological marvels of a new one. The regiment’s soldiers exchanged tribal symbols for Imperial insignia and bows for lasguns, and though they are still carried into battle aloft on the backs of vicious pterorex, their mounts now are as much metal as flesh and bone and their beaks tipped in whirrling chain blades.

Home World: Feral World/Forge World*
Commanding Officer: Fixed
Regiment Type: Rough Riders
Doctrines: Defenders of the Omnissiah, Snipers
Drawback: Iconoclasts
Total Cost: 12
*: Characters from the 1st Nhotian use Feral World rules but replace Suspicious of Machine Spirits with the Forge World rule Isolated by Machines, they also begin play with only +1 starting wounds.

Standard Regimental Kit: 1 long las and 4 charge packs, 1 hunting lance, 1 las pistol and 4 charge packs, 1 knife, flak helmet, flak jacket, cyber-pterorex, saddle, 2 saddlebags, 1 set of riding tack, magnoculars, micro-bead, uniform, poor weather gear, rucksack, basic toolkit, mess kit and water canteen, blanket and sleep bag, rechargeable lamp-pack, grooming kit, cognomen tags, Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, and 4 weeks’ rations.
Favoured Weapon: Grenade launcher, heavy bolter

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