Dolabra and Archikeleustes Maximilianus Budenov – flyers and pilots for Renegade Legion


Named for the ancient Roman entrenching tool, the Dolabra is a heavy garrison and defense fighter every bit as versatile as a defensive implement as its namesake. As it lacks the thrust to perform reliable intercepts at long range, it is instead best deployed as close protection for largely immobile targets such as important space installations or asteroid bases. There, its thick armor and powerful shields combined with its heavy and flexible turreted weapons can cause much grief for any foe that manages to push through to the inner defenses.

Type: Heavy Fighter
Mass: 251
Cost: 2,927,000

Center Engine Rating 700
Right Engine Rating 700
Left Engine Rating 700

Thrust: 4
No High Thrust Modification

Streamlining: No
AntiGrav: Yes

Bow 70
Right 60
Left 60
Stern 70

Bow 100
Right 100
Left 100
Stern 100

7.5/6 Laser (R/Wing)
7.5/6 Laser (L/Wing)
MDC 12 (Bow)
7.5/5 Laser (Turret #1)
7.5/5 Laser (Turret #1)
EPC 14 (Turret #1)
NPC 16 (Turret #1)
Hardpoint (R/Wing)
Hardpoint (L/Wing)
Hardpoint (Turret #1)

…and pilots

Archikeleustes Maximilianus Budenov
Archikeleustes Maximilianus Budenov is in many ways a model citizen and soldier of TOG, well aware, yet fully accepting of the glass ceiling that his plebeian background place above him and his aspirations. As such, he focuses on excelling at what his Emperor demands of him at the station his Caesar put him at instead of longing for things he may not do and a place he cannot attain. Still, there are moments – be it in the thick of combat in the cockpit of his Dolabra or in the quiet of his own garrison quarters – when Maximilianus thinks that it is all a waste, that his skills could be put to better use than guard duty.

Combat Missions in Present Fighter: 3
Confirmed Kills: 4
Piloting Skill: 6
Gunnery Skill: 5

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