Wingspan and Glide – flyers and pilots for Blue Planet


The Wingspan, the single product of the Hydrospan subsidiary of the same name, is a sailplane developed on Poseidon for use by dolphins.

Dimensions: 10.5 meters long, 820 kg
Power Source: Standard cell (for electronics only)
Fuel Efficiency: Not applicable
Range: Unlimited
Speed: 144/288
Combat Speed: 120
Power: -2
Handling: -1
Rigging Value: Standard
Legality: Legal
Availability: Rare
Cost: 190,000cs
Armor: 0
Durability: -2
Crew: Pilot (in travel cradle)
Passenger/Cargo Capacity: None
Standard Accessoires: Onboard computer, security system, travel cradle (cockpit)
Armarment: None

…and pilots

Glide is so fascinated by the idea of free non-powered flight that the Hydrospan manager not only chose his name accordingly but also took responsibility for the founding of Wingspan and the development of their namesake design.

Species: Dolphin (bottlenose)
Origin: Incorporate
Backgrounds: Colonial, Incorporate
Goal: Freedom
Motivation: Adventure
Attitude: Confident
Role: Manager (and sailplane enthusiast)
Primary Attributes: Build 6, Fitness 2, Agility -1, Dexterity -12, Awareness 2, Intellect 0, Presence 1, Will 1
Derived Attributes: Endurance 4, Reflexes 0, Strength 4, Toughness 2
Modifications: None
Aptitudes: Communication, Vehicles (Superior); Administration, Command, Survival, Tech (Strong)
Primary Skills: Bureaucracy 5, Cetacean Culture 4, Colonial Culture 3, Computers 3, Economics 5, GEO Culture 3, Human Culture 2, Incorporate Culture 7, Language (Interspec) 10, Law 3, Leadership 3, Logistics 4, Management 5, Mechanics 1, Native Culture 1, Negotiation 4, Oration 2, Persuasion 5, Physics 2, Politics 3, Psychology 3, Remote Operation 5, Piloting 5

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