Bony Scales from Eyes of Wood – a revelation about Warhammer 40,000

I had an epiphany! I am sure, the thought isn’t a new one. Quite the contrary, I strongly suspect that this is a case of me not seeing the wood for the trees, while others (possibly everyone else) never had any such trouble. For me though, this is all very new and very exciting!

Craftworld eldar are wood elves!

The hidden existence, the being apart, the turning their backs on the world, the spell wraithbone singers, the rangers, the very wraithbone forests themselves, all these images suddenly stand out with such clarity!

Wraitguard are dryads. Wraithlords are treemen.

And the exodites! The exodites are the high elves! Complete with knights and dragon fetish!

How was it that I missed that for all those years?

Wood elf sorceries clouding my mind!

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