(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: Molcos Waterrunner and the Self-Sun- a pirate for Earthdawn

Day 14: Earthdawn

Molcos Waterrunner and the Self-Sun
Molcos Waterrunner is an aging Theran noble and adventurer, an accomplished Air Sailor of the 12th Circle. After years in the fleets and legions, on voyages and expeditions, he appears to be more enchanted crystal than human flesh. Even his head has been replaced with a skull carved from jade (German rules for this blood charm can be found here). Now, he has set out on his last and greatest adventure to take him far away from the hated intrigues and boring petty squabbles of the Great City. He used his personal treasures to build and equip a vedette, naming her Self-Sun. Armed with a letter of marquee signed by the First Governor he now roams the skies beyond the empire, bound by no law or will other than his own whims, his lust for adventure, for battle and for the gold of others, so that he may continue his voyage until he himself finds his end.

While crystal raiders and river pirates are the two immediate associations when thinking about pirates and Earthdawn, I was looking for further ideas and Theran freebooters was what came to mind. For a long time now, I always describe Theran vedettes as bearing a large sun symbol on their undersides, a metal inlay most often produced in gold. For the Self-Sun, I imagine this to glow in a reddish golden hue almost reminiscient of blood.

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