Turoch’s Twins and Turoch – ships and captains for Earthdawn


Turoch’s Twins
These two vedettes are linked together by a stone bridge. The bridge offers a combat platform for additional firecannons and soldiers. Thus, Turoch’s Twins both increase their Firepower by +2/+2.

…and captains

The dwarf Turoch is a Theran airship architect. Ashamed of his own Throalic roots following Thera’s defeats, he is obsessed with providing a new and better weapon to the empire’s military machine in the form of his linked vedettes. Such linked ships, he argues, will be quicker and cheaper to build while at the same time offering more flexibility and increased toughness during deployment. Currently, Turoch commands his Twins on their first cruise, seeking to convince the upper echelons of the empire of his genius.

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