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Science-goes-too-far in Rogue Trader:

Atlas of Tears

An Atlas of Tears is a collection of special star charts which is sometimes used by navigators of the Navis Nobilite to steer their ships through the treacherous currents of the immaterium. The positions of some worlds on these charts is marked in ink made from the tears of psykers who hailed from these planets and were then burned in the great signal fire of the Astronomicon. If those tears were shed in longing for their lost homes, a skilled navigator will be able to pick up the dim lines of homesickness and use them to guide his vessel safely along them towards the dead psyker’s homeworld.

The navigator houses jealously guard their exisiting atlases and are willing to pay immense sums for the requisite tears and information to chart out new ones. Most atlases contain but a single system for which sincere enough tears were shed to actually allow for a meaningful guidance effect.

A navigator with access to a genuine Atlas of Tears benefits from a +20 mofifier to all tests he is required to make as part of an attempt to navigate to a destination marked by tears of longing.

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