Templeship of Erelinn and Erengo Westwind – ships and captains for Freeya


Templeship of Erelinn
This broad freighter is typical of the ships constructed by the halflings of Ered. Lavish decorations and carvings and the designs on the colourful sails give away the ship’s special relation with Erelinn, long before the shrine to her placed on the deck or the inner sanctum hidden away in the ship’s bowel come into view. As befits Valan, who elevated Erelinn into the divine circle, the templeship is involved in shipping tradegoods across the seas like any other merchantman, with any profits made flowing into the coffers of the cult. The crew do not expect any payment, performing their duty as a form of sacrifice and service to Erelinn. Often, young sailors make their first voyage on board the templeship and young officers, too, gain some of their earliest experiences here. That is not to say, that old hands avoid the ship, quite the contrary, many an experienced sailor will seek a place amongst the templeship’s crew, to gain favour with Erelinn… and to turn such perceived favour into good coin on his next voyage, when any captain would be more than glad to have one so blessed by the goddess sailing aboard their own ship.

…and captains

Erengo Westwind
Erengo Westwind (male halfling cleric level 7) is the captain and chief priest of the templeship. He received his calling only late in life but has sworn to both Valan and Erelinn that he will ceaselessly sail Freeya’s seas in their names until the day he dies, and does so both as penance for past misdeeds and as thanks for a miraclous rescue when he thought that he already felt Jonocks arms pulling him down.

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