Tek Trex Ovoid

Tek Trex’ Ovoid design is a two man scout vehicle with advanced hybrid locomotion.

Four wheels are mounted – reminiscent of roller skates – at the end of each of four fully articulated legs. The legs carry the egg-shaped main body of the vehicle, which houses the 5000 hour energy supply and its two separate cockpits, one at each end. While the larger front cockpit can house an additional passenger, the twin driver’s positions together with the design of the legs allows the Ovoid to move backwards with equal ease as forwards, further enhancing its already formidable manoeuvrability.

The Ovoid may be fitted with full remote control.

A small cargo compartment can also be used to carry and deploy drones.

By way of armaments, two small automated turrets, one placed under the chin at the Ovoid’s front, the other at the back and top of the vehicle, can be fitted with various weapons.

Tek Trex deploys the Ovoid with its own limited forces and offers it for sale on the open market at a price of 620000u.

Game Use:

Type Scout Car Max Speed 210 km/h Skill Drive, Military PV/ID 18/300 Max Crew/Passengers 2/1

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